Letter from Gingaso:
A life in the village of the mountain

Sights, colours and smells of four seasons are never the same in the fields of rice and vegetables and mountains; nor is the atmosphere of the plants, fruits and trees from last year. I really feel that the plants, birds, wild animals and insects are all living together no matter how big they are. None of them is unnecessary. We cannot forget that our lives are given by the nature. Wild boars, badgers, centipedes and bees are all living in harmony. I hope we would be a part of their harmony as human beings.
I have witnessed the changing of nature everyday in surprise. And I've tried to express in my book what I saw and felt in the country.
On each page you can see the harmony of papers with various sizes and qualities, which gradually changes the colours, shapes and their combinations. You may be able to liken a semitransparent sheet of paper to a cloud covering a hazy moon.
There you see are the view of the nature of my mountain village; a water flow, splash of the river and sun shine in midsummer, a misty mountain in spring. I put them into multi-layered paper's variation in the Book.

Category: Art Book
Materials: Handmade Japanese papers, Handmade Nepal papers, Sumi ink, Gouaches

*Gingaso is the old Japanese traditional house with thatched roof.

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